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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Forgotten Meaning Of The Abramoff Affair

The scandal involving Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff provokes two thoughts. Abramoff set a new low by taking money from both sides in a political conflict of his own creation.

The key point will be missed by nearly everyone. The problem is not campaign contributions or even lobbying. The problem is that nonagressive behaviors like gambling are heavily regulated by governments at all levels. If anybody could gamble or run a gambling establishment or website without licensing or other special privileges, there would be no reason to pay anything to a Jack Abramoff. Regulation means privilege. Privilege means corruption.

There is no place for a Jack Abramoff in a libertarian society based on individual liberty, free markets, and personal responsibility.

Moreover, it shows that the real difference between Republicans and Democrats is who gets on the favored list.


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