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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus and the Missing “Media Equation” Term

In the NY Times, “The Media Equation” columnist David Carr examined (4/9/07 “With Imus They Keep Coming Back” why Don Imus of “Imus in the Morning” continues to get passes for his insulting, racist and sexist remarks about people.
Not suprisingly, his bosses keep him because he has a big audience and makes them money.
Carr coyly refers to “But Mr. Imus, who has been given a pass for this sort of comment in the past, also generously provides airtime to those parts of the news media and political apparatus that would generally be expected to bring him to account."

What does that mean? Never does Carr say the L-word “liberal.” But that clearly is what he means. Imus is a liberal and gives liberals generous airtime. No wonder they give him a pass.
Liberal hypocrisy is a many-splendored thing, just like conservative hypocrisy.

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