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Monday, October 08, 2007

Eminent Domain Activist & Suffolk County Executive Candidate Estelle Edwards

If you live in Suffolk County, New York on beautiful suburban and rural Long Island, you will have the option this November to vote in the County Executive's race for Steve Levy-Democrat, Steve Levy-Republican, Steve Levy-Conservative, Steve Levy-Working Families. Did you want a real choice?

Estelle Edwards, shown in the middle of the three people in the photo above, is the candidate of the Suffolk Libertarian Party, which is the local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of New York (call 516-767-4688).

She has been very active on eminent domain, travelling to New London in Connecticut and New Cassel in Nassau County for rallies against eminent domain abuse. On a bitter cold day, she came more than 50 miles from Riverhead to New Cassel when Senator Clinton and her fellow Democratic gang members such as North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy gathered to celebrate the successful robbery of the American taxpayers and property-owners such as St. Luke's Pentecostal Church.

She rejects eminent domain abuse and champions property rights, which is why she also opposes the elitist "open space" scheme and real estate transfer taxes, advocated by Levy and the repellent ideologue Richard Amper of the Pine Barrens Society. This scheme, coupled with the already burdensome zoning, rent control and permitting laws, will spell the death-knell for affordable housing in Suffolk County. Estelle Edwards is a low-income Suffolk resident, working as a house monitor in a shelter. Her days on Long Island may well be numbered if Levy and Amper have their way. Perhaps that is what they intended all along.

She says she hopes her campaign will attract people to support both Ron Paul ( and the Libertarian Party ( and

As a Nassau County resident and former Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, I can only wish her well. If you live in Suffolk, please vote Estelle Edwards for Suffolk County Executive.

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