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Friday, January 20, 2006

Mythsmasher At The Movies: Sideways

Sideways tells about two men on the cusp of middle-age who are former college roommates. One is an aging handsome man pursuing an acting career who never quite hit the big time while his friend is a dumpy nobody. The latter is depressed over his divorce. Both like wine. On the eve of his wedding the actor brings his depressive friend with him on a jaunt through the California wine country near Santa Barbara in the hopes of getting wine and sex.

Not a terrible film, but terribly overrated. These two men are obviously alcoholics, which passes without much notice. Drinking in the car while you drive is not a good sign.

The best thing in the film was the remark to the effect "Don't drink and dial" referring to making phone calls while drunk.

Well-acted, scenic and adorned with the beauties Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh "Sideways" is a passing diversion but not the great film it was acclaimed by some.


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