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Monday, May 28, 2007

Mythsmasher at the Movies "Pirates of the Prairie"

Recently, I saw on the cable TV network Turner Classic Movies, the 1942 film "Pirates of the Prairie." It starred Tim Holt who appeared in many B grade Westerns.

As a US marshal, he acts undercover as a store owner in a town dominated by a Vigilance committee that deprives people of their firearms and with a more extreme renegade faction of the Vigilance committee forcing people off their land to seize their property. A quick paced introduction to the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights.

This was interesting for me as a supporter of gun ownership and property rights. Given the year that it was released, I presume that it was also meant as an allusion to the Nazis and fascists. For anyone opposed to gun control or eminent domain it will be instructive entertainment.

Not exactly a Merian Cooper-John Ford production, but pretty good from a Libertarian point of view. Well worth watching.

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