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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Libertarian School Board Candidates In Partisan Race

The City of Rochester is probably unique in New York State in having partisan elections for school board. They will be voting for four positions. The Libertarian Party is running two candidates, Christopher Edes and Max Kessler. The Republicans are running candidates but have not won a citywide election in Rochester in about 30 years. Two of their candidates didn't bother sending in the surveys to the Democrat and Chronicle daily newspaper.

Edes and Kessler plan to run spots on the main black-oriented radio station in Rochester. The "anytime" spots which run whenever the station decides are $45 each, while the most expensive advertiser-selected spots are about $90. At my suggestion, the State Committee voted to grant $100 each to Edes and Kessler. But they need more money NOW! If you can afford a contribution, please send one now to Edes and Kessler's separate campaign committees. Visit and

Please help Edes and Kessler now while there is still time. School choice is a message that needs to be heard in New York State.

Richard Cooper, former Chair Libertarian Party of New York

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