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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bogus Flap Over Dubai Ports World's Deal With P&O

The hysteria over Dubai Ports World's acquisition disgusts me as an international trade professional. Rep. Peter King (IRA-NY) and Sen. Charles Schumer are shamelessly appealing to fear and prejudice. I wonder if the real motive is to oppose privatization of ports and airports. Overall port security remains with the police, Coast Guard, Customs and FBI. As a port user, I am vitally concerned with the ports. Dubai Ports World operates ports all over the world including Germany and South Korea. The Port of Dubai is part of the Bureau of Customs & Border Protection's plan for securing key foreign ports. Check out

The hysterics make a big deal that two of the hijackers lived in the United Arab Emirates. But they also lived in Germany, New Jersey and Florida too. Prejudice is ugly.

I wonder if the unions are behind this.


Blogger Gothamimage said...

You may be correct about the substance of the port issue, but you cannot single out Schumer for blame. He is merely taking advantage of a generalized fear of 'they,' that the admin. created. Also, it's worth learning how this deal happened. Most Americans had no idea that foreign govenrnment owned companies control many of our ports, so now is as good a time as any to learn. The UAE is the owner - the ruling tribal family, so this is not a pure free market situation, but one that has much to do with relationships and cross investment with people in power. The UAE apparantly has been helpfull to the US, but maybe they have been helpful to some adversaries of ours and every government takes advantage of foreign investment for intelligence purposes, the UAE is no exception and considering many of their stated foreign policies are at extreme odd with ours, why not take time to examine these issues? If the deal is okay, then no big deal. There is not a politician in NY that could afford to pass on this. Try to imagine D'Amato in office, and Clinton as President. Same thing. Interesting blog. Maybe you're right. Who knows. Best

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