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Friday, November 16, 2007

Drew Carey's TV Program On Eminent Domain Abuse

Comedian and Libertarian Party member Drew Carey is hosting a series of Internet TV programs for the Reason Foundation, which publishes Reason magazine. now has its third program "National City: Eminent Domain Gone Wild."

The short program focuses on eminent domain in National City, California where a Community Youth Center diverting at-risk youth with its boxing program is threatened with removal by eminent domain abuse in order to install a luxury condominium development. To the rescue arrives the Institute for Justice (, the libertarian public-interest law firm.

The show is interesting, informative and fast-paced. It may be my Internet connection but it was jumpy, requiring me to push the show along.

But it is well worth watching and giving careful consideration. As an eminent domain abuse activist and Libertarian, I heartily approve of its message. Today, we face the New York Regional Interconnect, the Atlantic Yards, Willets Point and Columbia's West Harlem eminent domain schemes. As usual, the public officials and developers lie.

Next year, Americans will elect a new president and Congress. New Yorkers will elect a new state legislature. Let all ask every candidate how they stand on eminent domain abuse and what they are going to do to eliminate it.

I will vote for Ron Paul ( in February 5th's New York GOP presidential primary, and will support Libertarian Party ( and candidates where they surmount New York's unfair and Byzantine ballot access election laws.

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Blogger WilletsPoint said...

The City of New York plans to use eminent domain to condemn and steal away private property in Willets Point, Queens and sell it to a developer for a commercial and residential redevelopment project projected to cost upwards of $3 billion.

Willets Point employs an estimated 3,000 highly-skilled workers in ironworking, construction, sewer parts production, auto repair and service businesses, and the manufacture of bakery and food ingredients that includes the largest distributor of Indian foods in the U.S. The area is mostly blue-collar and has provided a valuable opportunity for local residents to start up their own businesses and live the American dream. Willets Point business owners provide billions of dollars of economic activity and millions of dollars of tax revenue to the City of New York. In spite of this longstanding tax revenue, the city has blatantly neglected the area and withheld municipal services for decades. If the city were to provide basic municipal services, the current land owners would invest and expand their businesses and re-develop the area themselves. Willets Point has no streelights, sidewalks, or sewers.

The Willets Point Industry & Realty Association has produced a compelling 15-minute video that profiling the business/landowners whose livelihoods would be placed in serious jeopardy if eminent domain was to be instituted by the city.

To view the video, click here:

6:26 PM  

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