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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Simon Wiesenthal, Landsmann

Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal came from Buczacz, the same town in Galicia, Poland as my grandfather. Now it is part of the Ukraine thanks to Stalin's aggression.

"Landsmann" means countryman in Yiddish.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Activist Calls For Pledge Against Eminent Domain Abuse



Westbury, NY 10/9/05: Richard Cooper, a Westbury, New York activist against eminent domain abuse, is calling upon candidates to pledge their opposition to taking private property in the name of "public benefit" and transferring it to other private parties. Cooper calls upon voters to ask every candidate about eminent domain abuse. Cooper says "Let’s make ending eminent domain abuse the top issue of the 2005 election." Cooper explains that "In its Kelo versus New London decision this June, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the abuse of eminent domain to transfer property from private owners to other private parties. As 2005 Election Day approaches on November 8th, voters should ask every candidate for office where they stand on eminent domain abuse and pledge to oppose it. In Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia, they will be able to call upon candidates for state government office to pledge to end eminent domain abuse."

Cooper endorses model legislation for state and local governments put forth by the Reason Foundation ( Cooper’s activism against eminent domain abuse began with St. Luke’s Pentecostal Church in New Cassel, Long Island condemned by the Town of North Hempstead. Cooper fought against Ikea’s plan for a furniture store in New Rochelle, the NY TIMES plan for a new headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, a museum’s plan to seize an apartment building in order to have real tenants replaced by actors portraying tenants of the past in Lower Manhattan and the Nets basketball arena in Brooklyn.

Cooper served as chair of the Libertarian Party of New York. He believes that ending eminent domain abuse can unite Americans of all political persuasions. –30-

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

"Memory of A Killer"

"Memory of A Killer" is an excellent thriller about a hit man with two problems: Alzheimers and a moral conscience. Enlisted to kill a victim and witness of child prostitution, he proceeds to kill the pedophile ring while dangling clues before the police he teases as "Ten Trag" (too slow).

I understand that an American studio has bought the rights to remake it in English

State of Fear Elicits Fear

Michael Crichton's novel State of Fear debunks "global warming" as a hoax that serves the power designs of self-styled environmentalists. Some of Crichton's novels have been successful movies, such as The Andromeda Strain. Not suprisingly, State of Fear has not even been optioned by Hollywood.

Pope Benedict XVI

The new pope isn't just the first German pope in centuries. He is the first pope to come from a predominantly Protestant or irreligious country.

Post-Katrina Predictions

I expect that Mayor Nagin and the New Orleans city establishment will use the flood as a pretext to condemn vast areas and turn them over to politically-connected developers. I would call this the "Second Louisiana Purchase"

Meanwhile, President Bush proposed a federal reconstruction authority. Where exactly in the US Constitution is this authorized? Let's call this the "Third Louisiana Purchase."