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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bogus Flap Over Dubai Ports World's Deal With P&O

The hysteria over Dubai Ports World's acquisition disgusts me as an international trade professional. Rep. Peter King (IRA-NY) and Sen. Charles Schumer are shamelessly appealing to fear and prejudice. I wonder if the real motive is to oppose privatization of ports and airports. Overall port security remains with the police, Coast Guard, Customs and FBI. As a port user, I am vitally concerned with the ports. Dubai Ports World operates ports all over the world including Germany and South Korea. The Port of Dubai is part of the Bureau of Customs & Border Protection's plan for securing key foreign ports. Check out

The hysterics make a big deal that two of the hijackers lived in the United Arab Emirates. But they also lived in Germany, New Jersey and Florida too. Prejudice is ugly.

I wonder if the unions are behind this.