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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Replacing Attorney-General Gonzales

My suggestions for replacing Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales, entitled "Bill of Rights Supporter Must Replace Attorney-General Gonzales" are to be found at in the Politics and Opinion sections.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Missing Q&A On Health & The 2008 Presidential Race

Missing Q&A On Health & The 2008 Presidential Race

Why don't the news media ask Ron Paul, the only physician running in the major party races for president, for his views on the problems of health care?

Why does Ron Paul not explicitly address the questions of health insurance, affordability of health care and the spiraling costs, especially for Medicare and Medicare? Instead he focuses on relatively minor aspects such as supplements. He could have much to say about how government intervention in health care since the American Medical Association was founded to secure such intervention has severely impacted the availability and affordability of medical care.
His insights on socialized medicine as both an Air Force flight surgeon who worked in a Veterans Administration hospital and as a physician in private practice would be invaluable.


Contact Ron Paul and ask him to address the health care issues of affordability.
Contact the news media and ask them for Ron Paul's opinion on ALL health issues.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ground Report

I have started posting articles to which seeks to promote "citizen journalism." My most recent article is "A Child's Book of Eminent Domain."

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Kenneth Branagh's "As You Like It"

This HBO presentation of Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Shakespeare's "As You Like It" reset the play in 19th century Japan with English adventurers running around at times in Japanese costume including samurai armor.

I liked it not and gave up after 20 excruciating minutes

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