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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bill DeBlasio Picks Eminent Domain Abuser To Lead Transition Team

New York City's mayor-elect Bill DeBlasio has picked two "progressive" New Yorkers, Carl Weisbrod and Jennifer Jones-Austin, to serve as co-heads of his transition team.  The New York Times profiled them with a quarter of a page each. 

While Kate Taylor's profile of Weisbrod never mentions eminent domain, that is what she mentions in her piece

Weisbrod served in both the Koch and Dinkins administrations.  Taylor writes "In 1978, when appointed by Mr. Koch to run the Midtown Enforcement Project, Mr. Weisbrod recognized that it would take not just law enforcement but also economic redevelopment to clean up the area. In 1987, he was given the opportunity to lead that effort, as president of the 42nd Street Redevelopment Project, a subsidiary of the State Urban Development Corporation. In that role, and later as president of the Economic Development Corporation, he brought most of 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues under public ownership and reached an agreement with the Walt Disney Company to take over the New Amsterdam Theater."

After leaving city government, Weibrod became president of the Alliance for Downtown New York.

What Taylor misses, intentionally or not, is that Weisbrod brought Forty Deuce, 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues under public ownership by means of eminent domain.

The NY Times was a cheerleader of that effort.  Later, the New York Times obtained the Empire State Development Corporation's aid to seize property by eminent domain to hand over to the New York Times for their new headquarters.  As State Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York at the time, I led opposition to what I called Time$cam with a protest outside the old Times building. 

We should not expect Bill DeBlasio, who supported Atlantic Yards, nor his lieutenants to oppose corporate welfare or eminent domain abuse.  If we want to end eminent domain abuse and corporate welfare in New York, we need to elect Libertarians and to run a gubernatorial candidate who will obtain 50,000 votes on the Libertarian line. 

--By Richard Cooper

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Weiner's Next Move? By Richard Cooper

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner lost badly in the Democrat primary for New York City mayor following the exposure of more sexting escapades.   However, he may still not have gotten rid of the urge to be in the public eye. 

Another opportunity awaits. Go North young man. Go to Toronto.  Run for Mayor of Toronto.  You will fit in with Mayor Rob Ford who admits to smoking crack on video, trying to explain it away as having happened during a drunken stupor.  

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